Nobody says it's easy 35x45 GRATEFUL2 50x80 Healing 60x30 Beyond hevil 60x60 Meet passion Required paths 50x60 Incoming thoughts 100x25 FULL 31x19 IMG_6137 Bodhisattva IMG_6353 IMG_6407 IMG_6445 IMG_6447 IMG_20181217_221047 In Love 40x40 Light on your eyes - a mia madre 52x14 In contrast 59x29 The Way dittico 59x29 UP LIKE A SONG 74x24 UMANITA 1. 135X45 OLIO SU LEGNO Studio world 100x44 2018-Stay 115x28 legno Green island 70x30 Ecstasy 64x22 IMG_2701 IMG_3292 IMG_3723 IMG_3721 cornice IMG_3865 IMG_3910 IMG_3969 IMG_4013 IMG_3860 IMG_4971 Raphael 35x50 IMG_3509 IMG_E4542 IMG_4031 Illumination world 59x23-2 Jet soul 59x29 Orange 59x29 The way to heaven 38x14 When a day change 50x29-2 SUNSET (Chiara) IMG_4026 IMG_2781 copia IMG_3424 Rebirth 90x31 Creativity 20x20 olio su legno trattato IMG_0458 2016-Let it be 60x80 (1) Blues music 50X80 2016-Can happen olio 35x50 2016-The queen 40x50 IMG_1893 Like a jump 60X90 The catching 52x27 Through you 50x70 2016 THANKFUL 80X50 2016-In the storm 40x50 In red 40x40x2 javascript lightbox galleryby v6.1